West Union Gardens
Contact: Cheryl and Jeff Boden
Address: 7775 NW Cornelius Pass Rd. Hillsboro, OR, 97124
Email Address:
Phone: 503-645-1592
About Us
West Union Gardens is a family farm near Hillsboro, Oregon, which is open to the public during Oregon's bountiful berry season. We raise dozens of varieties of berries for u-pickers and for sale already picked in our farm stand.

Our Family We are Cheryl and Jeff Boden, and we began farming at West Union in 1987. We enjoy the help of our children and extended family.

Our Crew
We take pride in the skilled work of our crew, who hand-harvest the food that you and I eat and enjoy. We are committed to making our farm a good place to work, and we are pleased that more than half of our employees have worked for us for 10 years or more.
We count ourselves among a special group of small family farms, whose owners live where they work, and take care of where they live. We have cared for this place since 1987, with the goals of improving the land, providing fair employment, and producing clean, quality produce. Looking back over the years, we are able to say that we have bettered the health of our soil and used our water resources responsibly. We've employed some very fine people, many of whom have worked alongside us for years. And through cultural practices, we have been able to minimize the use of chemicals, so that our family can enjoy -- and offer you -- food that is safe, healthy & delicious.

Our Crops

We specialize in berries! The dates for a typical season are given here; please visit our homepage or call for current information.

This year, like 2015, is completely different - most everything is 2 to 3 weeks early, and will pass their peak early as well.

Raspberries ~ Late June through September
Several varieties, including huge red raspberries, a wonderful golden raspberry, and late varieties that ripen well past summer.

Tayberries ~ Late June to mid July
A raspberry/blackberry cross from Scotland, with a mellow flavor that is wonderful for jam.

Loganberries ~ Late June to mid July
Another raspberry/blackberry cross, but with a tarter flavor. Great for jam or pies.

Silvan Blackberries ~ Late June to mid July
Big, juicy, rich flavor, very similar to marionberries.

Gooseberries ~ July

Tart, green or pink berries used for jam or pies.

Currants ~ July
Red, black, white varieties. Tart little berries, often juiced for jellies.

Marionberries ~ Mid July
A favorite blackberry variety, with intense floral aroma when picked perfectly ripe. Short season!

Boysenberries ~ Mid July
A big, tasty blackberry cousin.

Waldo Blackberries - not available in 2015
A thornless variety with a deep, rich flavor. Very small seeds for a blackberry. Great for jam or cobbler.

Triple Crown Blackberries ~ Mid July to early August
Large, firm fruit with a lovely sweet flavor. Thornless. Mid-July to early August.

Chester Blackberries ~ August & September
Another thornless variety, producing abundantly over a long season. Flavor is similar to wild blackberries.

We also raise several veggies, which we harvest for you (no u-pick). These are some of our stand-bys.

Rhubarb ~ June to early July
Zucchini ~ Late June to August
Green Beans ~ July & August
Pickling Cucumbers ~ Mid July through early September
Garlic ~ Late July through September
Melons ~ August & September
Tomatoes (also available u-pick) ~ Late August through September