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About Us
We raise and Sell a Uniquely flavored Dry Aged Grass Fed Beef. It is from our Angus Cattle and is all Natural. No added Hormones or Antibiotics. These Cattle are on pastures their entire lives. I have been raising and selling Beef for over 15 years. I have learned a lot; especially from our customers. I grew up in the industry and have the advantage of being able to identify when an animal is ideally ready to be harvested for the best quality Beef.

We believe in beef with no added hormones. The beef we sell has never been fed antibiotics. It is federally inspected. We have never fed any animal proteins to our cattle, even when it was legal to do so.
We feel this is one thing that separates our beef from what you will find at your local grocer. We can say where our beef comes from....

Pasture/Vegetable Fed but Not Overly Fat
Our beef is raised on pasture with access to vegetable screenings from a frozen vegetable plant. These screenings consist of peas, corn, carrots, lima beans, and other wet vegetables. We feel this gives the best flavor and the most consistent product. It is a silage that helps minimize the fat that high grain corn rations yield.