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From popcorn to pasta, our organic products meet the highest standards, set by that region’s certifying agency. Often grown and packed in the USA, our mustards, beans, maple syrup, tomatoes and veggies (and the list keeps growing!) get close scrutiny from field to store shelf. We know our growers, packers, and distributors personally.
Whether it’s sandwich bags free of PVCs, waxed-paper bags made from unbleached fiber, or scrubbers made from natural walnut shells, we make sure our paper and plastic products are as eco-friendly as possible – and we are continually on the lookout for improved technologies and suppliers that can provide them.
All NV products are now in BPA free can linings except for all of the NV Olives. The olive canner is still testing BPA free lined cans.

Note that our plastic products and waxed paper and waxed paper bags never contained BPA.

Some of our products that are in the redesigned cans – coconut products, cat food, tuna among them – have the BPA Free lining info on the redesigned label. As we head into 2015 and we redesign more of our products, we will add the BPA free lining info to our cans.