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Excuse our break in service of local, organic food.  We are in transition and will most likely cease to provide our weekly produce orders.  We are not completely shutting down, and will still provide service for Azure Standard and Frontier orders, in addition to bulk buys of local produce and staples. Look forward to a newsletter soon announcing our CLEARANCE SALE!!!

Farm to Family does more than provide affordable, organic food.  We work to ensure the integrity of our local food by focusing on the relationships between producers and customer. By cultivating a food community, we hope to ensure healthy, sustainably produced food. Help us promote a community that supports our local small farmers and ensures safe, healthy and affordable food for our families.


In 2010 we organized a local organic food buying club in our home as a way to provide ourselves, our friends and neighborhood families with local, organically raised food at prices that were fair to both the farmer and the consumer.  By building strong relationships with local farmers, distributors and retailers we have been able gradually expand the products we offer.  We now distribute from a retail location and are open a limited 6hrs a week for order pick up and drop in.  The limited hours are just one way we decrease our overhead to pass the savings on to our customers. We strive to provide products that come straight from the producers to you and are free from hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, GMO's and pesticides.

 Products include:


To order Azure items, you must order through the link provided below Azure Standard is a company who delivers a large variety of organic foods, bulk foods and natural personal care items to the public at wholesale prices.  We accept Azure Standard deliveries every week  Azure Standard products and information can be viewed at  but must be ordered through the link below.The price you see on their site is the price you pay upon delivery of your mark up, delivery fee or additional costs.

Ordering Information:

For free delivery to Farm to Family you must order products from OUR Azure Standard ordering system at

Place orders directly on the above site. There is no "check out" process....items added to cart will be ordered. You will receive an invoice from Farm to Family reflecting your order.  Deadlines are currently every other Tuesday with delivery on Thursday.  Deadlines will be announced in our weekly newsletters. Payment is made directly to Farm to Family when orders are picked up. Pick up is preferred for that Thursday, but items may be held over to the following weeks pick up times.


Frontier Natural Products Co-op specializes in natural and organic products.  They are the leading supplier of organic herbs and spices, and hold a leadership position, not only in the marketplace, but also in the effort to convert food producers to sustainable farming and production practices.  Additionally, they offer wholesale prices on a WIDE variety of other manufacturers natural products including health, beauty and home products.  The products can be viewed here:

Frontier Wholesale Catalog

 Their company website can be viewed at

Farm to Family places Frontier Natural Co-op orders monthly.  Products can be viewed on our site below or on   Frontier Natural Wholesale Catalog. There is a 10% fee above wholesale prices listed that will be added to all orders.

Orders can be placed here:

Deadline for monthly orders is the last Friday of each month with delivery for the next Wednesday.  A Farm to Family invoice will be sent reflecting your order.